Picnicking is a great summer activity, especially with children! Simply eating on a blanket in the living room becomes a great family moment. But when the weather is nice, let’s do this outside! It’s really fun, but it does require a little planning. Let's just say that it's easy to end up with so much to deal with that in the end, it's more stressful than anything else. Without claiming to have the absolute truth, we humbly share with you a few tips for a great family picnic!

Let’s get organized!

Nothing new here! Well, we're not talking about making a detailed Excel sheet, but a quick little to-do list with all the things you need will save you from situations like "forgetting your own swimsuit on a pool trip". Also, preparing what you can the day before saves a lot of hassle. Planning on making a pasta salad? Cook it the day before! Prepare snacks, cut up your fruits and veg, and make sure you have everything you need to avoid running to the grocery store last minute because your ham sandwiches are missing the ham. Also, remember to identify where all the items you want to bring are located because starting the day by looking around for a beach umbrella for an hour is not fun (didn't we leave it in the shed, last fall ?! Dang!)


Where are we going ? That requires a little research! First, we want a kid friendly place. We want space for our little ones to run, play and jump as they please. Maybe even a playground or water games if possible. So your kiddos could play and meet little friends who have as much energy as they do ! Let's be honest here, despite our good will, after a few frog jumps, we may have already emptied our reserves. Also, accessible public toilets please! (Unless you have a picnic in the wilderness, but that's another adventure.)

Simple and efficient 

Bet on simplicity! Even if it makes a bucolic photo, it might not be the best idea to bring a whole roasted chicken. Cut fruits, raw vegetables and classic sandwiches or wraps will do the job perfectly! You can of course prepare a more complex meal if you want to, but just remember that our little ones will have a good time even with a peanut butter and jam sandwich ! Important thing to remember: keep the food cool! Get a good cooler, place it in the shade if possible, be generous with ice packs, and prioritize foods that are easier to keep fresh. Little trick: fill up and freeze a few water bottles. Besides keeping the food cool, you'll have fresh water all day long!

The essentials

Plan a bag for all your essentials. You know, all the things that you always want to have easy access to, but always end up looking in every bag for it? Put them all together in one spot and avoid ripping out all the bags every time ! Wet wipes, sunscreen, a change of clothes, lucky blanket, etc. Hop! In the essentials bag! Think of it like your carry on bag you bring on a plane: in case of lost suitcases, you have what it takes to survive in this little bag!


It's summer, it's hot and it's very important to stay hydrated. Even though we feel refreshed by splashing water, we still need to drink some. If we adults don't always think about it, imagine our kids. To stay on course, fill up a reusable water bottle just for your kiddos, so you can have a visual reminder and keep up with their water consumption throughout the day. Quick tip : add a few slices of lime and lemon to your water for a pop of freshness!

Think mean and clean!

Because a scratched knee happens so fast, slip a first aid kit in your essentials bag ! And because we want to leave a clean planet for our children, prioritize reusable items (we can easily do without disposable plates and utensils). Every kiddo loves to do fun activities! Parents too, but sometimes we run out of ideas and rack our brains for nothing. You don't always have to go to the waterslides, the zoo or the movies to have a great family time ! A simple picnic, in the park or even directly in your backyard, is a great way to break the routine and enjoy summer with your family.

February 15, 2022 — Alicia Bélanger