Montessori Ladder Climber Cube - NATURAL WOOD


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As soon as babies can crawl, the Montessori Ladder Climber Cube is the perfect minimalist action toy for them to explore their physical abilities and learn their own boundaries while responding to their ever-growing climbing needs. Alone or to complete a Montessori Triangle Climber, a Montessori Ladder Climber Board, a Montessori Rocker Climber or a Montessori Ladder Climber, this versatile playroom must-have can also be used as a fort, obstacle course component, and more!

Neutral and timeless, our Montessori Ladder Climber Cube is made from a combination of solid birch and birch plywood. The natural wood makes a great non-slip surface for your little ones to climb safely. The barres are the perfect size for little hands to grab. It features 2 faces with a 1 big hole to go through, 1 face with barres (6) to climb, 1 fully closed face and 1 fully opened face. 

Action Toys at their best! The Montessori Ladder Climber Cube and other accessories from the Climber Collection* have been approved and largely used by Montessori parents over the years. Just like the possibilities they bring, the benefits of Climbers are endless. They enhance gross motor development and promote creative and independent play as well as cognitive abilities.

*Sold separately.