Wooden Arch Playset - BAZ THE BIRD

$149.99 $204.96
Proveedor Coco Village

This bundle includes :

- 1 Quilted Playmat - BAZ THE BIRD
- 1 Wooden Play Arch
- 1 Wooden Hanging Toys Rattle Set for Play Arch - PINAKLE
- 1 Milestone Wooden Age Block Set 6 Pieces English & French

You and your baby will love our Wooden Arch Playsets.
Toy arches are a perfect and classic baby's first toy.
These minimalist and colorful toys will instantly catch your little one's attention while offering them a sensory exploration. All this on one of our well padded activity mats featuring various playful and original shapes. As an added bonus, create the perfect souvenir photo with our Milestone Wooden Age Block Set 6 pieces! 

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