Organic Cotton Oval Fitted Crib Sheet - DESERT

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Distributeur Coco Village

Our 100% organic cotton Crib Sheets are the first layer of love a child feels as they doze off into their dreams. Durable and soft, your little one will love the feel and touch of this high-quality sheet. Choose from 7 solid colors or 7 playful patterns to complete the perfect little nest for your little one.

*Available in oval and regular models.

Why choose organic?

If we want a healthy future for our planet, we have to rethink. 

Rethink every decision, so we can make a difference. 

Rethink for all our little ones. 

Bringing organic cotton-based products into our homes is a small, yet significant choice to make so the world can be a better place. What does organic cotton mean? It means choosing raw materials that are durable and ethically sourced. It means helping preserve the health of our soil, it means a cotton that is free of all toxic chemicals and/or chemical products. It means a quality product that is durable and soft to the touch of our little ones’ delicate skin.