Tuxedo 100% Organic Cotton Duvet Cover - XTRA FORMS

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Distributeur Coco Village


A 100% organic cotton reversible duvet? Yes please! The perfect combination of classic and candid styles, all in one! You can quickly and easily change over from one style to another whenever your interior decorator spirit feels the need! One side feeds your little one’s creative energy and the other is a classic all around favorite. The quintessential classic colors or ludic designs can be paired with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and/or pillowcases of the same inspiration and collection. Together, they assure a good night’s sleep! 

Get dressed to the nines to have your best friends over. They have migrated from their ludic and fun homes in the forest and are on their way to add a little sunshine in your day. The TUXEDO collection is a mix of neutral and vibrant colours that will light up any room in your home, with a touch of class, while staying childish to the great delight of your little ones.   

If we want a healthy future for our planet, we have to rethink. Rethink every decision, so we can make a difference. Rethink for all our little ones. Bringing organic cotton-based products into our homes is a small, yet significant choice to make so the world can be a better place. What does organic cotton mean? It means choosing raw materials that are durable and ethically sourced. It means helping preserve the health of our soil, it means a cotton that is free of all toxic chemicals and/or chemical products. It means a quality product that is durable and soft to the touch of our little ones’ delicate skin.